Durban Curry Ground Lamb – Tagine Style


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This week I cooked Durban curry lamb in my tagine – and it beats Sloppy Joe’s any day.

I used local ingredients bought at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market and other local outlets. Fingerling potatoes and carrots Wally’s Urban Market Garden; fresh basil, salad greens, and cherry tomatoes Floating Gardens;  Hestia organic red lentils Prairie Pantry; Fresh super ginger and chili garlic sauce plus Fresh super ginger salad dressing from Dianne, the ginger lady Just Ginger; and Flat bread from Ebtsam River Nile Oriental Foods and Handicrafts. The lean ground lamb I purchased from Pine View Farms Souleio Foods.


River Nile Oriental Foods and Handicrafts


Pictured: Durban curry, medium curry, cayenne pepper, red curry, turmeric, and coriander.

lamb tagine

Into the oven for one hour at 325 degrees.

lamb tagine Out of the oven : add slivers of basil (roll several leaves of basil together and slice).

Flatbread stuffed

1 lb lean ground lamb
1/3 cup red lentils
4 – 5 chopped carrots
4 – 5 chopped fingerling potatoes
1/2 cup finely chopped yellow onion
2 cloves garlic minced
1 tbsp of Fresh super ginger and garlic chili sauce
2 tbsp ginger pepper sauce (hot and spicy sauce from Dominica)
2 tbsp tomato paste
1 1/2 to 2 cups beef stock
1 1/2 medium red wine
1 tbsp Durban curry
1 tsp red curry
1 tsp med curry
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp coriander
pinch cayenne pepper
fresh ground pepper
sea salt
butter/canola oil for sautéing onions
fresh basil leaves sliced
Note: approximate measurements
Brown lamb in saucepan and drain off extra fat. Add lightly sautéed onions, garlic, ginger chili sauce, and season with salt and pepper. Mix in tomato paste and ginger pepper sauce, add vegetables and lentils, half of the red wine and stock, and spices. Simmer for 10 to 15 minutes. Add mixture to a Tagine or baking dish.
Note: Lentils will soak up liquid so add more stock or wine when needed. To sweeten the heat add more tomato paste.

lamb tagine

Serve with a salad of spinach, arugula, basil leaves, sliced onion, and cherry tomato wedges. Salad is lightly tossed with Fresh super ginger salad dressing and a dash of GOCCE No 8 balsamic vinegar. Or add more stock and serve on a bed of basmati rice.

Dedicated to Jay who loved lamb and my cooking.

Stewing with Ginger at the Market


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Dianne Wagner calls herself the ‘Ginger Lady’ and strongly advocates healthy eating practices. Her love of ginger, its delicious and nutritious benefits, has led to promoting this root through a number of her own fresh-made sweetened and unsweetened products and recipes.

The following photos show a sample of what you’ll discover at this charming and rustic booth. Dianne uses a variety of organic ingredients and raw sugars in her products.

ginger lady

Ginger lady

Ginger lady

ginger vinegar

Fresh Ginger ‘n Chili Braggs (apple cider) Vinegar.

Ginger lady ginger products

Fresh Ginger and Garlic Chili Sauce – great for marinades

pickled ginger

Pickled ginger with turmeric.

ginger drinks concentrated

Concentrated juices include: ginger and mint, ginger and parsley, ginger and sea buckthorn, and ginger and lemon. Dianne uses local raw honey as a sweetener. Unsweetened juices also available.

ginger tea

Several teas available include spicy ginger, ginger and organic dandelion, ginger and organic mint, and many more.

ginger tea

ginger teaGinger tea

sweet potato ginger leather

Gingered sweet potato leather

If you love ginger, you’ll love how the flavor intensifies in your mouth.

candied ginger

candied ginger

candied ginger

You can find over 10 varieties of candied chunk, flake, or fingered ginger. Sugar free ginger chunks also available.

ginger lady 28

Visit Dianne at the Saskatoon Farmers Market on Saturdays, Sundays, and the occasional Wednesday. She’ll offer you samples of her freshly made products and, at the same time, tell you about all the wonderful benefits of ginger. All products labeled with ingredients and priced from $2.00 and up.

Farmers’ Market at Gardenscape


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Saskatoon Farmers Market

Be sure to check out the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market Section at Gardenscape this weekend. Venders are offering tasty samples of their products, and there are many items to purchase. Even ice cream cones to help forget that we still have winter.

Some  venders at Gardenscape may not be at the Farmers’ Market this weekend.

Ines and Wayne – Prairie Sun Orchard

I think these would add great zest to sauces and gravies, and smoothies too.

market 15

Haven’t decided which Hummus dip I like best, they all taste great.

Riverbend Plantation Saskatoon berry pie for sale.

market 7

Arati Chattopadhyay – Chatty’s

My favorite, mango chutney.

Home Baked Oatmeal for sale.

So if your enjoying the spring flowers at Gardenscape stop by and visit the Farmers’ Market section. Learn about the products available and be sure to taste.


What’s Stewing for Nutrition Month at the Market


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I finally bought myself a new camera. Guess I took one photo too many and my poor Lumix decided to retire.

Well, March is nutrition month and since I blogged about it last year, I thought I should remind everyone again that what we feed our bodies is important to our health. Every Saturday morning at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market nutritionists will be in the Agrium Market Kitchen to answer your questions, plus demo nutritious ideas.

But if you can’t talk to a nutritionist, there are plenty of other knowledgeable people on hand to give you the “thumbs ups” on healthy foods.

And to name a few:

Wally’s Urban Market Garden – Wally always has a beautiful presentation of fresh vegetables. Pictured, Sunshine Squash and Rainbow Carrots.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 29

Saskatoon farmer's market 20

The Ginger Lady – Dianne will gladly offer you warm samples of her tea and discuss the many benefits of ginger.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 30

Delicious ginger teas

Saskatoon Farmers Market 26

I add about a half teaspoon of the Garlic Chili sauce to my scramble eggs for that extra healthy flavor.

Simpkins Market Garden – You’ll find a variety of vegetables at their booth and sometimes African Squash. Simpkins moves outside in the summer months.

Saskatoon farmer's market 13

Saskatoon farmer's market 12

New Life Organic Foods A new vendor at the market with a focus on organic healthy grains.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 28

Saskatoon Farmers Market 27

 Super Salsas – Make sure you drop by Linda’s Super Salsas for a sample of healthy Mexican food. There are a variety of salsas and all freshly made.

Saskatoon farmer's market 1

Green chile salsa

Green chile salsa

Northern Vigor Berries – Betty swears by the health benefits of these berries. Great for smoothies.

Saskatoon farmer's market 6

Saskatoon Farmers Market 25

Try a sample of Sea Buckthorn Tea.

Three Sisters Bakery – These breads are packed full of flavor and healthy grains. This month they’re selling fresh-baked hot cross buns.

Saskatoon farmer's market 8

Rye Bread

Saskatoon farmer's market 15

Herschel Hills Artisan Cheese – Herschell Hills offers selections of locally made pasteurized goat and cow milk cheeses. Be sure to drop by their booth for some delicious samples.

 Good Spirit Bakery – I can’t resist fresh-baked breads.

Saskatoon farmer's market 17Saskatoon farmer's market 9

Floating Gardens – Rachel and Chris grow their vegetables and herbs year round in a pesticide-free environment.

Eggplant copy

Vine ripened Italian eggplant

Cherry tomatoes

Vine ripened cherry tomatoes

K-5 Market Farm Products – Not only are these berries great for pies, but Tony swears they make the best smoothies. All the berries are hand-picked. Visit my earlier page for more information.


I’ve only covered a few of the great vendors at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. Stayed stewed for more.

More Art and Santa Fe


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My experience in Santa Fe – simply too short! Sore feet, a tourist shuttle that wouldn’t cooperate with a trigger happy thumb, and more art than one right brain could handle, kept me wishing I stayed longer. I wanted to devour it all so just kept snapping.

Artist: Star Liana York
Medium: Bronze
Location: Manitou Galleries
Need a double take with this cat.

SF art 29

Ceramic Sculptures
Artist: Russ Vogt
Location: La Mesa Gallery
For more information visit
These intricate and colorful ceramics were scattered throughout the gardens.

SF art 28I photographed this beautiful bronze sculpture while touring the Canyon Rd area on a shuttle. I’ve spent hours trying to find out more on this piece – who the artist is, name, etc. So if you can give me details, I’ll add it to my blog.

Rock Paper Scissor Monument

Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: Cast stainless steel and bronze
Who could believe such a “simple” game would become monumental.

White Bison
Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: Stainless steel
Love the origami quality of this piece.


Artist: Bob Haozous
Material: Steel
Location: Old Santa Fe, New Mexico Capital Grounds

Gate/Negate – detail

Gate/Negate – detail

Painted on the base are the names of 458 extinct North American Indian Tribes. If you visit Santa Fe you’ll want to see this piece – truly powerful!


For more information about Bob Haozous and his art visit his website at:

Great Raven #2 with Pomegranate on NM Rock

Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: Bronze

Green Apples and Raven
Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: Bronze
I wonder if that raven has a hidden camera?
For a complete list of Canyon Road Galleries visit:
Dedicated to Jay

Stewing with Santa Fe Art


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If you love art, go to Santa Fe. This city breaths art and I believe grows it too!

These photos represent a small fraction of the many beautiful works from talented and gifted Peoples.

Great Geese Pair
Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: bronze
Visit the Owings Gallery for more information:
Location: Santa Fe Community Convention Centre

Bronze Face Fragments
Artist: Susan Stamm
Medium: bronze
I want these for my garden!
For an in-depth look at Canyon Rd arts check out the following website for your own online art walk.

Location: Canyon Rd

Family Tree
Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: bronze
Check out the Selby Fleetwood Gallery for more exciting art by Kevin:
I was on a quest to find running shoes when I happened upon this beautiful leaf. My Canadian welcome to Santa Fe!
I eventually found shoes near the railway station; a welcome relief for my feet and twisted ankles. And I still had to journey back to the La Fonda Hotel. Usually I forget a hair brush but never runners. This is one memory I won’t forget.

Swat Team
Artist: Robin J. Laws
Medium: bronze
View more of Robin’s sculptures at JoeWadeFineArt in Santa Fe.
Note: Burro Alley derives its name from the burros who carted firewood to this historic ‘boisterous’ area.
Location: Burro Alley between San Francisco St and Palace Ave.

Santa Fe Current
Artist: Colette Hosmen
Medium: granite
For more information about this artist visit:
I call them “Fish on a Mission”.
Location: Santa Fe Community Convention Centre

Water Bearers
Artist: Glenna Goodacre
Medium: bronze
For more information on Glenna visit:
Location: The Roundhouse State Capital Building

Mares at Play and Ancient Echo
Artist: Star Liana York
Medium: bronze
For more information about this artist visit:
I would have loved to explore these ‘whimsical’ sculptures, but alas, I was confined to the shuttle.
Location: Canyon Rd.

Mark Twain
Artist: Jon Hair
Medium: Bronze
You can view Jon’s sculptural pieces at his website:
Location: Canyon Rd.
Artist: David McGary
Medium: bronze
For more information on David’s art visit Meyer Gallery:
One of my favorites. A true presence of power and greatness.
Location: Canyon Rd.

Memorial to Santa Fe Trail
A collaborative project by landscape architect Richard Borkovetz and sculptural artist Reynaldo “Sonny” Rivera.
For more information about the project visit:
Location: bottom of Museum Hill

Rabbit Fly
Artist: Tim Cherry
Medium: bronze
To view more of Tim’s sculptures check out his website:
Location: Canyon Rd

Learning Curve
Artist: Gary Lee Price
Medium: bronze
Visit the Meyer Gallery for more artworks by Gary:
Location: Canyon Rd
Tip: Don’t forget your walking shoes or you’ll miss out on some great art adventures. You can take the shuttle up Canyon Rd, but it doesn’t stop at the galleries.
Stayed stewed for more Santa Fe and art.
Dedicated to Jay

Stewing at La Fonda and Cafe Cafe Santa Fe


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We loved our visit to Santa Fe. Not only were we captivated by all its art and charm, but as restaurants buffs, we immersed ourselves in the pleasures of dining out. Two of our faves: La Plazuela/La Fiesta at La Fonda Hotel and Cafe Cafe.

La Fonda

La Plazuela Restaurant at La Fonda Hotel

Natural light, open spaces, and  hand painted decor, define this restaurant’s ambiance. Not to mention the delicious New Mexican cuisine.

Pan roasted Dungeness Crab Cakes with lemon cilantro vinaigrette and grilled corn salsa. Be prepared to not share this appetizer.  Be sure to order the patron favorite, Tableside Guacamole, served with corn tortilla chips prepared fresh with your choice of ingredients. Appetizers, soups, or salads in the restaurant range from 6 to 15 dollars.

La Fiesta Lounge at La Fonda

Chipotle Barbeque Pork Ribs – messy but tasty.

BBQ Pork Sliders roasted in a chipolte – barbeque sauce. One order and you’ll crave more before leaving Santa Fe. The La Fiesta Lounge menu boasts a great selection of starters, sandwiches, Fiesta specialties, a lunch buffet, 14 different Margaritas, and 16 beer varieties.

La Fonda

La Plazuela Restaurant

Grilled Mahi Mahi. I’m a fish junky and this dinner definitely appeased my appetite. Served with a beautiful presentation of fresh lime wrapped neatly in yellow mesh. No seeds on this mahi mahi.

Braised Lamb served with fresh avocado. I wish I could find avocado this tasty in Saskatoon.

La Plazuela Restaurant serves Northern New Mexico specialties and Chef specialties priced from 14 to 35 dollars. My husband enjoyed the Pan-seared Salmon with a toasted Piñon-garlic sauce. As usual it made Jay’s “this is the best ____ I’ve ever had”, and he said it for years, even before Food Network began airing its series.

La Plazuela Restaurant received the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine in 2011.

Menu is seasonal.

La Fonda Ernest Martinez, an employee at La Fonda for more than 50 years, painted over 400 windows in the styles of architect and designer Mary Jane Colter, and illustrator and muralist Olive Rush.

La Fonda

My favorite breakfast at La Plazuela consisted of one perfect poached egg with zesty hollandaise sauce, and pan-fried potatoes and peppers.

Cafe Cafe

I stumbled across Cafe Cafe while exploring the downtown area of Santa Fe. I love Italian food so I reserved a table for two.  Visit Cafe Cafe @ .

I treated myself to the Grilled Norwegian Salmon Caesar with tomato basil salsa; a perfect lunch for a hot afternoon on the patio. I’ve heard raves about Cafe Cafe pizzas, a must eat for another visit.

Dinner menu items range from 13 to 25 dollars. Next time, I’d like to try the Grilled Eggplant Rolls with the spaghetti squash and house marinara or the Veal Marsala with sautéed forest mushrooms.

Cafe Cafe

 On the top of my list for pasta dishes, Fresh linguini with white clams and served with shells. A definite order on my again list.

Cafe Cafe Forget the ‘white’ with the seafood, the dark cherry and earthy chocolate with an herbal aroma beckoned for more sips and bites. Cafe Cafe boasts an extensive wine list.

Cafe Cafe

The patio area of Cafe Cafe provides umbrellas and natural shade for patrons who enjoy meals and wine in an outdoor setting. Note the brightly painted red door; in Santa Fe you’ll see many doors painted in shades of turquoise, a New Mexico tradition meant to deter evil spirits.

Stay stewed for more Santa Fe treasures.

Check out Trip Advis0r for more great Cafe Cafe reviews, and La Plazuela at La Fonda reviews .

Dedicated to Jay


Stewing in Santa Fe, NM: Churches and Art


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This gallery contains 23 photos.

Santa Fe welcomed us with a beautiful August rainbow. View from our hotel balcony at the La Fonda Another balcony …

Continue reading

Stewing at Aurora – Underground Dinner Party


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On Sunday evening, a.k.a. Father’s Day, I attended a scrumptious underground dinner party hosted by aspiring Chef Tony Krause. Tony previously worked at the old Weczeria Restaurant on Broadway Ave.  On off hours, he surrounds himself with everything culinary.

After this 11 course meal, I’m convinced Tony will take food experiences to a new height.  Our underground dinner included, state-of-the-art presentations of delectable courses served with his own elegant dinnerware, and live music. With each dish, Tony whet our appetites with anticipation of another.

Smoked trout in a jar

A beautiful presentation with a tasty surprise.

Upon opening the lid, a wonderful aroma of smoke visually enticed our palate.

And the trout, with hints of oregano and honey, Jack Daniels and Saskatoon berry gel, lay at the bottom of the hermetic jar, a succulent treasure waiting to delight.

Frozen coconut milk with chard corn husk oil

A hot, silky corn soup poured from a small pitcher, livened the senses with a fragrance of sweet corn and coconut.

Sweet corn soup

Creamy, smooth, and complex with delicious flavors of hot and cold, everyone wanted to lick the bowl.

Little Criminals

We were treated to contemporary folk music. Amanda with the violin and Taylor with the guitar have played these instruments as long as they can remember and their voices – a pure delight to hear! They met last summer at the Ness Creek Music Festival and formed their duet in February.

Foie Gras with brioche

My first foie gras experience, and I wondered why I had not tried this delicacy before. The texture luscious, buttery, and oh soooo rich. And the brioche, light and airy, a perfect bread and balance for the Foie Gras.

I’ve only heard of one other chef who made foie gras ganache – Marcus Samuelson. So Tony, you’re up there with the best.

Ice Tea

I had three of these and a glass of Tony’s delicious root beer with a twist of ginger.

Beet Cloud with honey toffee and snow goat cheese

Wow, a garden on my plate and I didn’t know edible moss existed. The beet cloud so incredibly tasty and delicate, and the snow goat cheese added to the fun of the garden box as a finger food.

The toffee melted in my mouth like a spoonful of honey.

Sea bass over a bed of onion, fennel, and saffron compote and served with a light curry sauce

I’m partial to fish and I loved this! Flaky, tender, and moist, and the compote a perfect accompaniment, it was another lick the dish meal.

Tomato sorbet with a hint of orange zest

I know it’s a palate cleanser, but give me a bowl, and I’ll eat it for dessert.

Beef cheeks on licorice root with mashed potatoes stuffed in onion chard with sherry vinegar and mushroom au jus

The onions with mashed potatoes looked like beautiful gems and tasted like gems too, and I loved the aroma of licorice root.

The beef cheeks were Sous-vide for 14 hours with star anise and juniper berries and served medium. I was too engrossed in eating my cheek and forgot to take more photos.

Frozen chocolate foam served with guava puree and caramelized bananas

Oh yes, the lady sitting across from me, and myself, looked forward all evening to the chocolate dessert and we weren’t disappointed. Tony used liquid nitrogen to freeze these chocolate foam balls that tasted like a chocolate mousse explosion in the mouth.

Our evening ended on a playful Jackson Pollock culinary delight. On a plastic tablecloth, brush strokes of basil, strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla cake vodka gel tempted. Luckily, we had wild strawberries growing on a basil plant (no just pinned) to spoon the luscious flavorful gels in our mouths. And when the strawberries were gone we used the basil leaves but mostly our fingers. An incredibly fun way to end an evening!! And there were fireworks at the same time – the 200 year celebration of  victory for the war of 1812. Well-planned Tony!!

Wild strawberries with strawberry and basil gel. My favorite, the basil gel.

Tony you gave us an incredible evening filled with exciting culinary experiences. And  a huge thanks to those in the kitchen who also helped to make this a wonderful evening.

Tony you are TOP CHEF excellence!

Take a Walk from the Past – Outlook Bridge SK Celebrates 100 Years


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On our drive from Saskatoon to Lake Diefenbaker we took the back route by mistake. And yes, this mistake became a very enlightening and fun experience. We discovered a walking bridge in the town of Outlook. Not only that, we happened upon the June 12th celebration of this bridge’s 100th anniversary. Originally completed on October 23rd, 1902 for Sky Rail (CPR), the bridge eventually converted to a pedestrian walkway. The last year used by the railway was in 1987.

Fact: Canada’s longest pedestrian bridge

Outlook Bridge spans 150 feet over the South Saskatchewan River and is a sprawling 3000 feet in length.

Well, there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved with this bridge and you can bet that 88 year old Johnny, sometimes called Jack, and affectionately called “grumpy old man” has a lot of interesting CPR stories to tell. “I was a ‘rail man’, and almost died working this line”, he said. “And I swung this lantern around lots”.

I captured some spectacular photos along my walk and you can hear some interesting sounds at this height. I think the bullfrogs were having a party.

After the bridge walk, I had a delicious barbecued cheese burger, courtesy of Tony and Trent who were having a great time as chefs of the day. And they did an awesome job! To finish, I tasted the chocolate celebration cake. So where do I find a cake this good in Saskatoon?

There are many wonderful and great people who have contributed to this spectacular trail.

Did you know your pets are welcome to experience the bridge.

River Crossing Tile Project – 2005

I loved all the student art tiles along the path leading to the bridge, sponsored in part, by the Outlook and District Art Council.

For more information on this lovely community, visit Outlook’s website: