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I finally bought myself a new camera. Guess I took one photo too many and my poor Lumix decided to retire.

Well, March is nutrition month and since I blogged about it last year, I thought I should remind everyone again that what we feed our bodies is important to our health. Every Saturday morning at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market nutritionists will be in the Agrium Market Kitchen to answer your questions, plus demo nutritious ideas.

But if you can’t talk to a nutritionist, there are plenty of other knowledgeable people on hand to give you the “thumbs ups” on healthy foods.

And to name a few:

Wally’s Urban Market Garden – Wally always has a beautiful presentation of fresh vegetables. Pictured, Sunshine Squash and Rainbow Carrots.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 29

Saskatoon farmer's market 20

The Ginger Lady – Dianne will gladly offer you warm samples of her tea and discuss the many benefits of ginger.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 30

Delicious ginger teas

Saskatoon Farmers Market 26

I add about a half teaspoon of the Garlic Chili sauce to my scramble eggs for that extra healthy flavor.

Simpkins Market Garden – You’ll find a variety of vegetables at their booth and sometimes African Squash. Simpkins moves outside in the summer months.

Saskatoon farmer's market 13

Saskatoon farmer's market 12

New Life Organic Foods A new vendor at the market with a focus on organic healthy grains.

Saskatoon Farmers Market 28

Saskatoon Farmers Market 27

 Super Salsas – Make sure you drop by Linda’s Super Salsas for a sample of healthy Mexican food. There are a variety of salsas and all freshly made.

Saskatoon farmer's market 1

Green chile salsa

Green chile salsa

Northern Vigor Berries – Betty swears by the health benefits of these berries. Great for smoothies.

Saskatoon farmer's market 6

Saskatoon Farmers Market 25

Try a sample of Sea Buckthorn Tea.

Three Sisters Bakery – These breads are packed full of flavor and healthy grains. This month they’re selling fresh-baked hot cross buns.

Saskatoon farmer's market 8

Rye Bread

Saskatoon farmer's market 15

Herschel Hills Artisan Cheese – Herschell Hills offers selections of locally made pasteurized goat and cow milk cheeses. Be sure to drop by their booth for some delicious samples.

 Good Spirit Bakery – I can’t resist fresh-baked breads.

Saskatoon farmer's market 17Saskatoon farmer's market 9

Floating Gardens – Rachel and Chris grow their vegetables and herbs year round in a pesticide-free environment.

Eggplant copy

Vine ripened Italian eggplant

Cherry tomatoes

Vine ripened cherry tomatoes

K-5 Market Farm Products – Not only are these berries great for pies, but Tony swears they make the best smoothies. All the berries are hand-picked. Visit my earlier page for more information.



I’ve only covered a few of the great vendors at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. Stayed stewed for more.