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My experience in Santa Fe – simply too short! Sore feet, a tourist shuttle that wouldn’t cooperate with a trigger happy thumb, and more art than one right brain could handle, kept me wishing I stayed longer. I wanted to devour it all so just kept snapping.

Artist: Star Liana York
Medium: Bronze
Location: Manitou Galleries
Need a double take with this cat.

SF art 29

Ceramic Sculptures
Artist: Russ Vogt
Location: La Mesa Gallery
For more information visit http://www.russvogt.com/
These intricate and colorful ceramics were scattered throughout the gardens.

SF art 28I photographed this beautiful bronze sculpture while touring the Canyon Rd area on a shuttle. I’ve spent hours trying to find out more on this piece – who the artist is, name, etc. So if you can give me details, I’ll add it to my blog.

Rock Paper Scissor Monument

Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: Cast stainless steel and bronze
Location: http://www.selbyfleetwoodgallery.com/about_the_gallery
Who could believe such a “simple” game would become monumental.

White Bison
Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: Stainless steel
Location: http://www.selbyfleetwoodgallery.com/about_the_gallery
Love the origami quality of this piece.


Artist: Bob Haozous
Material: Steel
Location: Old Santa Fe, New Mexico Capital Grounds

Gate/Negate – detail

Gate/Negate – detail

Painted on the base are the names of 458 extinct North American Indian Tribes. If you visit Santa Fe you’ll want to see this piece – truly powerful!


For more information about Bob Haozous and his art visit his website at:

Great Raven #2 with Pomegranate on NM Rock

Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: Bronze

Green Apples and Raven
Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: Bronze
I wonder if that raven has a hidden camera?
For a complete list of Canyon Road Galleries visit:
Dedicated to Jay