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If you love art, go to Santa Fe. This city breaths art and I believe grows it too!

These photos represent a small fraction of the many beautiful works from talented and gifted Peoples.

Great Geese Pair
Artist: Peter Woytuk
Medium: bronze
Visit the Owings Gallery for more information:
Location: Santa Fe Community Convention Centre

Bronze Face Fragments
Artist: Susan Stamm
Medium: bronze
I want these for my garden!
For an in-depth look at Canyon Rd arts check out the following website for your own online art walk.

Location: Canyon Rd

Family Tree
Artist: Kevin Box
Medium: bronze
Check out the Selby Fleetwood Gallery for more exciting art by Kevin:
I was on a quest to find running shoes when I happened upon this beautiful leaf. My Canadian welcome to Santa Fe!
I eventually found shoes near the railway station; a welcome relief for my feet and twisted ankles. And I still had to journey back to the La Fonda Hotel. Usually I forget a hair brush but never runners. This is one memory I won’t forget.

Swat Team
Artist: Robin J. Laws
Medium: bronze
View more of Robin’s sculptures at JoeWadeFineArt in Santa Fe.
Note: Burro Alley derives its name from the burros who carted firewood to this historic ‘boisterous’ area.
Location: Burro Alley between San Francisco St and Palace Ave.

Santa Fe Current
Artist: Colette Hosmen
Medium: granite
For more information about this artist visit:
I call them “Fish on a Mission”.
Location: Santa Fe Community Convention Centre

Water Bearers
Artist: Glenna Goodacre
Medium: bronze
For more information on Glenna visit:
Location: The Roundhouse State Capital Building

Mares at Play and Ancient Echo
Artist: Star Liana York
Medium: bronze
For more information about this artist visit:
I would have loved to explore these ‘whimsical’ sculptures, but alas, I was confined to the shuttle.
Location: Canyon Rd.

Mark Twain
Artist: Jon Hair
Medium: Bronze
You can view Jon’s sculptural pieces at his website: http://www.jonhair.com/
Location: Canyon Rd.
Artist: David McGary
Medium: bronze
For more information on David’s art visit Meyer Gallery:
One of my favorites. A true presence of power and greatness.
Location: Canyon Rd.

Memorial to Santa Fe Trail
A collaborative project by landscape architect Richard Borkovetz and sculptural artist Reynaldo “Sonny” Rivera.
For more information about the project visit:
Location: bottom of Museum Hill

Rabbit Fly
Artist: Tim Cherry
Medium: bronze
To view more of Tim’s sculptures check out his website:
Location: Canyon Rd

Learning Curve
Artist: Gary Lee Price
Medium: bronze
Visit the Meyer Gallery for more artworks by Gary:
Location: Canyon Rd
Tip: Don’t forget your walking shoes or you’ll miss out on some great art adventures. You can take the shuttle up Canyon Rd, but it doesn’t stop at the galleries.
Stayed stewed for more Santa Fe and art.
Dedicated to Jay