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On our drive from Saskatoon to Lake Diefenbaker we took the back route by mistake. And yes, this mistake became a very enlightening and fun experience. We discovered a walking bridge in the town of Outlook. Not only that, we happened upon the June 12th celebration of this bridge’s 100th anniversary. Originally completed on October 23rd, 1902 for Sky Rail (CPR), the bridge eventually converted to a pedestrian walkway. The last year used by the railway was in 1987.

Fact: Canada’s longest pedestrian bridge

Outlook Bridge spans 150 feet over the South Saskatchewan River and is a sprawling 3000 feet in length.

Well, there was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved with this bridge and you can bet that 88 year old Johnny, sometimes called Jack, and affectionately called “grumpy old man” has a lot of interesting CPR stories to tell. “I was a ‘rail man’, and almost died working this line”, he said. “And I swung this lantern around lots”.

I captured some spectacular photos along my walk and you can hear some interesting sounds at this height. I think the bullfrogs were having a party.

After the bridge walk, I had a delicious barbecued cheese burger, courtesy of Tony and Trent who were having a great time as chefs of the day. And they did an awesome job! To finish, I tasted the chocolate celebration cake. So where do I find a cake this good in Saskatoon?

There are many wonderful and great people who have contributed to this spectacular trail.

Did you know your pets are welcome to experience the bridge.

River Crossing Tile Project – 2005

I loved all the student art tiles along the path leading to the bridge, sponsored in part, by the Outlook and District Art Council.

For more information on this lovely community, visit Outlook’s website: http://town.outlook.sk.ca/