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The beachfront on Isla Mujeres was packed with people, food venders, and live music. There were family picnics and barbeques, laughter and excitement, and lots of fun. And the street food – wow, it’s simply delicious!

Coconuts a plenty and watch when you’re walking under those palm trees, they tend to drop unexpectedly.

One of several venders who work on the street and the beach selling ‘coco’. And look at that machete on the cart – don’t think you could get away with having one of those on our Canadian streets.

Nothing beats fresh coconut milk on a hot day except a cold cervesa with lime. I heard a good swig cures a hangover.

Tamales stuffed with chicken and other good stuff and wrapped in banana leaves are grilled fresh on the street.

A pot of delicious steeped salsa sits waiting to smother the tamales in spicy goodness.

Couldn’t wait to dig in but had to take a camera shot first.

A steaming aroma of chicken and corn exploded in my face and wow, I loved the tender meat.

Marquesitas Stuffed Cheese Ball

The griddle or two-sided crepe maker.

Marquesita – check out this website for a history of this popular sweet Mexican pancake:


The fillings – shredded cheese with salsa or sliced bananas with Nutella.

Fold over and roll.

A crispy treat of savory or sweet ‘yummyness’ – a street favorite of kids and adults!

Want to make your own Marquesitas then check out Rick Bayless’s recipe at:


Want something light and refreshing then buy a bag of fresh sliced mango, carrots, celery, cucumber, and jicama. Or indulge in a candied apple.

Kibis and Gorditas.

Kibis – a popular deep fried street food of meat, cheese, and pickled red onion inside a coating of vulgar wheat patties – introduced to the Yucatan region by Lebanese immigrants.

Gordita – my personal favorite. If you love Mexican street food this is a must to try. The vender slices the gordita and fills with a mixture of ground meat, chopped egg, pickled red onions, salsa, and who knows what else.  I ate it all, wanted another, and felt great the next day.

Street food is not only delicious but it’s inexpensive and these were only a few samples of what was available. Next time you’re in Isla Mujeres or somewhere else in Mexico be adventurous and try the local food. That’s all part of holidaying and experiencing this wonderful culture.