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Last night we had turkey drumsticks slow cooked for 2 and a half hours at 325 degrees.

The prep.

Two drumsticks with excess fat and skin removed. Separate skin and season over and under with fresh ground pepper, kosher salt, thyme, and crushed dried sage leaves. Placed two smashed garlic cloves under skin. Add one medium onion halved and a half cup of dried chanterelles. Slowly pour a mixture of one cup chicken broth and three tablespoons of Kozlik’s Balsamic Figs & Dates Mustard. This mustard adds a zesty and sweet component to the dish.

Into the oven

Out of the oven.

On the plate.

I cheated with the sauce and used one can of Campbell’s cream of wild mushroom soup, turkey drippings, water and sherry, cayenne, fresh ground pepper, and two tablespoons of Kozlik’s mustard.

Fingerling potatoes I bought from Steve (Living Soil Farms), garlic from Tony and Brian (K-5 Market Farm Products), and the mustard from Cava Cuisine at Saskatoon Farmers’ Market. The drumsticks are from Pine View Farms.