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Our evening began with a cheers of Canadian sparkling wine poured over sour cherries.

Chef Brent Lloyd had a great time cooking and entertaining us in the Agrium Kitchen, Saskatoon Farmers’ Market.

We learned about molecular gastronomy: caviar made from honey served with snow goat cheese and Raincoast Crisps. A true ice-breaker.

A soup of Roasted Apple and Parsnip finished with apple cider foam delighted our palates with its silky texture and cider undertones. We were tempted with seconds but there were more delights in our future.

Wine pairing: White Bear Winery Pinot Blanc

We were served Wild Boar Pot Stickers with Pickled Beet Salad and Rhubarb Dressing

Flavorful red, golden, and rainbow beets, each marinated differently and a perfect match to the cumin infused boar.

Wine pairing: White Bear Winery Pinot Blanc

And we were lucky – everyone enjoyed another tasty pot sticker.

Lingonberry Braised Beef Short Ribs on Truffled Polenta with Roasted Rutabaga

So scrumptious! Glad I passed on that second helping of soup. And look at those truffles in the polenta!

Did you know lingonberries are a type of wild low-bush cranberries also known as swamp berries from northern Saskatchewan and other regions of northern Canada.

Wine pairing: Sumac Ridge Cabernet Merlot 2009

Warm dark Chocolate Cake with Honey/Green Tea Ice Cream

This was so chocolatey delicious – one more death by chocolate moment. I wanted 2 but my tummy said NO. But others enjoyed seconds.

Thank you Judy for a superbly organized market event and thank you Chef Lloyd for your delicious food.

Another locally supplied and farm fresh event at Saskatoon’s Farmers’ Market.