Isla Holbox (pronounced Hole-boash) is Mayan for Island of the black hole and refers to a pool of spring water  that empties into the ocean.

This area was a major Mayan civilization devastated by a hurricane two centuries past. Holbox is a metaphor for life as fresh water brought life for the Mayans’. And a name that meant life was good since the island’s original name was Poolbox (pronounced Paul-boash) meaning black head. According to my source, a Spanish pirate descendant, this island was home to both Spanish and Italian pirates whose treasures buried by black slaves subsequently resulted in decapitation and their heads were earthed with the treasures.

If you visit Holbox take a tour to this unique site and be sure to take your snorkel and mask. The water is refreshing and there are numerous small and colourful fish plus three vents that refresh the spring/ceynote from the underground river system.