Take an island jeep, alias golf cart, drive around the coast and experience the different flavors of Isla.

First stop: Soggy Peso

This bar is anything but soggy. Our beef tacos were so delicious and crispy, we ordered another round. Loved the plating but what’s with the Styrofoam cups for drinks.

Location: on the waterfront near El Centro

Second stop: Marina Varadero de Oscar

My favorite –  Pollo verde enchiladas. These were overstuffed with tender chicken and the green tomatillos sauce added an element of sweetness to the dish. And don’t let the colour fool you – it’s delicious

Location: Cart south on the Rueda Medina and past Soggy Peso.

Third stop: Villa Rolandi

Hot out of their wood fire oven this pan was steaming with flavor. But we were on a mission of indulgence, so we ordered dessert.

Tiramisu – mouth-watering temptation. Yes, an Italian style restaurant on Isla and a hotspot for a romantic evening.

Location: http://www.villarolandi.com

Fourth and last stop of the day: El Pueblito

Oh yes, very enjoyable after chaperoning two partners in a food indulgence outing.

Location: on Gustavo Rueda Medina near Parque Garrafon

Toon in for a new Izla rendezvous tomorrow.